Alita : Battle Angel
(Tom Holkenborg)
Ant-Man and the Wasp
(Christophe Beck)
(Rupert Gregson-Williams)
Captain Marvel
(Pinar Toprak)
The Emoji Movie
(Patrick Doyle)
Fantastic Beasts :
The Crimes of Grindelwald

(James Newton Howard)
High Road to China
(John Barry)
How To Train Your Dragon :
The Hidden World

(John Powell)
Pet Sematary
(Christopher Young)
The Predator
(Henry Jackman)
Solo : A Star Wars Story
(John Powell/John Williams)
(Ludwig Göransson)
Oblivion (M83)  ***
Ocean's Thirteen (David Holmes)  ***
Oculus (The Newton Brothers)  ***
The Odd Couple II (Alan Silvestri)  ***
Of Mice and Men (Mark Isham)  ***
Off Limits (James Newton Howard)  **
Oldboy (Yeong-wook Jo)  ***1/2
Oldboy (Roque Baños)  ***1/2
Oliver Twist (Rachel Portman)  ***
Olympus Has Fallen (Trevor Morris)  ***
The Omen (Marco Beltrami)  ***
The Omen (Jerry Goldsmith)  ****
Omohide Poro Poro (Katsu Hoshi/divers.)  ***
On Deadly Ground (Basil Poledouris)  **1/2
On the Beach (Christopher Gordon)  ****
Once Around (James Horner)  ***
Once Upon a Forest (James Horner)  ***1/2
Once Upon a Time in America (Ennio Morricone)  *****
The One (Trevor Rabin)  **
One Fine Day (James Newton Howard)  ***
One Hour Photo (Johnny Klimek/Reinhold Heil)  ****
One Little Indian (Jerry Goldsmith)  ***1/2
One Tough Cop (Bruce Broughton)  ***
One True Thing (Cliff Eidelman)  ***
Only God Forgives (Cliff Martinez)  ***
Open Range (Michael Kamen)  ***
Open Water (Graeme Revell)  **
L' Opération Corned Beef (Eric Levi/Frédérick Rousseau)  ***
El Orfanato (Fernando Velázquez)  ***1/2
Orphan (John Ottman)  **1/2
OSS 117 : Le Caire Nid d'Espions (Ludovic Bource/Kamel Ech-Cheik)  ***1/2
The Other (Jerry Goldsmith)  ***
The Others (Alejandro Amenabar)  ***1/2
Oui, mais... (Philippe Rombi)  ****
Our Man Flint (Jerry Goldsmith)  ***1/2
L' Ours (Philippe Sarde)  ***
Out of Africa (John Barry)  ****
Out of Time (Graeme Revell)  ***1/2
Outbreak (James Newton Howard)  ***
Outland (Jerry Goldsmith)  ***1/2
Outlander (Geoff Zanelli)  **
Outrageous Fortune (Alan Silvestri)  **1/2
Over the Hedge (Rupert Gregson-Williams)  ***
Overboard (Alan Silvestri)  ***
Oz The Great and Powerful (Danny Elfman)  ***1/2